Tools & Instruments

“Attempts at change cannot hope to be sustained without feedback loops.  We believe that the “d” in the centre of feedback stands for data and that is why we help clients to translate qualitative data into quantitative data.  This gives them a baseline measurement system for monitoring those crucial changes in action, behavior and outcomes.”

Some of our favourite tools & instruments for creating a baseline from which to start include:

  • At the organizational level:

    Instruments: Barrett Values’ Cultural Transformational Tools, Change Style Indicator

    Tools: Results Roadmap, AUBA, Appreciative Inquiry, Future Search, Open Space, World Café

  • At the group or team level

    Instruments: Strength Deployment Inventory, FIRO-b, Conflicts Dynamics Profile, group 360 reports

    Tools: Results Roadmap-Team Edition, Meridien Team Assessment, Trust Matrix

  • At the individual level

    Instruments: Workplace Big 5, California Psychological Inventory, Influencing Style Indicator, 360 instruments such as Leadership Circle Profile, CCL’s Benchmarks, Korn Ferry’s Voices

    Tools: Leadership Development Assessment and Planning, 99‑Day Transition Plan, Healthy Mind Platter, Results Accelerator


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