Transforming Organizations

CCI’s Approach to Transforming Organizations

  • CCI’s Discovery Process frames the Organizational challenges into opportunities and garners commitment and alignment to the Change Agenda
  • The 8-Stage Positive Change Model or Appreciative Approach to Change and Transformation
  • Customized Leadership Development Programs from Executives to Individual Contributors , with classroom learning, coaching, learning teams, personal and business projects, over a 12-month journey, to re-balance the leader’s role from reacting to demands to creating the future
  • Cultural Transformation Tools – use personal and organizational values to create a common understanding of the Change Agenda and progress measures along the way
  • Strategy Implementation using the Team Results Roadmap
  • Large group meeting design and facilitation – decide to go fast or spread it out over a number of months
  • Consider building a new organizational culture through one of our programs such as Coaching Clinic and Transformative Engagement

This is an investment in the future to create a thriving organization that can future-proof itself.